Monday, 11 July 2011

The 7 Links Project


This is a bit of a one off so here goes: thanks to the lovely Linda from Ayak's Turkish Delights, I have been nominated to participate in the Seven Links Project.

This was initiated by Katie at Tripbase and to quote her:

'The idea is simple: bloggers publish 7 links from their blog to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.’

So it's a kind of recycling of all those past posts ....... a great idea, Katie!

So here are THE RULES:

1.       The blogger is nominated to take part by another blogger.

2.       He/She publishes their 7 links on their own blog, one link for each category.

3.       He or she then nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.

My 7 Links:

  • My most beautiful post:  This is a hard one, how do you judge?  How about Turkish Çay Demystified? I really like that starter pic of the glass of çay! And the essence of that post which is that çay is at the heart of everything Turkish.
  • My most popular post:  It was A Delicious Aubergine Meze.  To date this has received the most pageviews of all my posts which I guess is an indication of popularity. 
  • My most controversial post: This being basically a foodie blog, I can’t say that I deal with many  controversial  themes! Maybe if I stretch the point and say it was the post about Papaz Eriği, given that I hate those sour little green plums while for many people here, they are a real delicacy?? 
  • My most helpful post:  My Foodie Stroll Through Beyoğlu, I think. It gives a good idea of the area around the Galata Tower and old Pera including the newly refurbished Pera Palas Hotel, plus introduces some unusual street food that you can sample as you stroll! 
  • A post whose success surprises me:  The post about Kapuska, a  humble cabbage dish!! I was really surprised! 
  • A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:  Perhaps the one about Turkish olives? I loved  that post – I loved reading up about sele and salamura, I loved the two pics at  the beginning which I took in the garden of some friends in Assos on a beautiful late autumnal day.  And I just love the fact that olives are such a vital part of life here especially in the Assos area where we have our stone house.
  • The post I am most proud of:  Well, how about the Rich Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Cake post?  I just love that huge photo of the cake in all its glory on its stand and then the subsequent ones showing the method.  And the cake itself was just so yum : )). I hope you like it all over again!

And now I hand the baton on to the following:
Alessandra at Alessandra Zecchini

What do you think about this project? Did you enjoy it? I hope so!