Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Planting a Herb Garden in Assos

Here we are in our lovely stone house in the ancient village of Assos which dates back to the 4th Century BC.  Just in case you're not familiar with the location, it’s in western Turkey overlooking the beautiful Aegean Sea about five and a half hours away from Istanbul by car. You couldn’t ask for better weather and especially for a project like this: to make a herb garden out of nothing.

this is one side of the garden with rosemary, lavender and sage grown huge;
you can see the bricks for the new herb garden piled on the left

Mehmet had cleared the plot a few months ago so here it was, just awaiting my attention. In the meantime, I had been doing my reading so had a fairly good idea of what I wanted, at least the shape if not the content!

Today was the day!

Mehmet and TT measuring and setting out the bricks for the paths

the paths progress

and here it is with the lone lavender that we had planted in the middle before

 So here it was, beautifully laid out and looking just great. Now the question was, what to plant in it. The idea was a herb garden but the trouble is that surprisingly there are not that many herbs available in this part of the country. I was set in the idea of having only herbs and not vegetables but today I went to market and there I met a lovely guy selling vegetable seedlings. So of course I succumbed and bought some nice-looking Çanakkale tomato and green pepper seedlings. The peppers are not the hot variety but the ones called çarliston. I am totally open to whatever may happen! After all, this is my first time.

all planted out with tomato and green pepper seedlings

the bed on the left has been planted with parsley and dill

So in a flash 3 of the 4 beds are already full! If you have any suggestions for the fourth, please let me know. I am just a novice here ....